Vinyasa • Aerial • Restorative • Private • Corporate



Vinyasa, meaning “flow,” synchronizes the breath with movement, a continuous flow of postures. It increases flexibility, strength, and stamina, as it calms and balances the mind and improves overall health.

Foundation Level is for students who are brand new to yoga, as well as for more experienced students, who want to deepen their knowledge. Special attention is given to learning postural alignment principles, skillful breathing, and if needed, modifying the poses to accommodate specific needs. 

Core Yoga focuses on building core strength with a touch of Pilates–based exercises. Students tap into their inner strength and leave feeling invigorated and walking tall. It can also benefit students with lower back issues. 

“As a typical jock, I had zero interest in yoga until a friend took me to one of Hélène’s classes. Under her bright and soft guidance, I have since learned a brand new way of exercising and taking care of my body while putting my mind at peace. To me, a class with Hélène is like an adventure within yourself. Every discovery I make is priceless. And I never been in such great shape!” —Nicolas S.



Aerial yoga is a combination of classical asana postures with aerial acrobatics. In addition to increasing strength and flexibility, while revisiting traditional yoga poses, students will learn step-by-step how to safely invert and flip with the help of the hammock. Conquer your fears and loads of fun guaranteed!

“With Hélène’s help and the wonderful energy among her class, I managed to conquer my fears of getting upside down and therefore, I now enjoy the world from a totally different point of view! I cannot wait for her next aerial class.” —Caroline A.



Restorative yoga helps one to calm the body, the mind, the nervous system, and to surrender and let go. Breathing techniques, guided relaxation, and hands-on assists in long-held comfortable poses will help release stress and hidden tensions. It is a wonderful complement to any level of practice. 

“Last year I tried Hélène’s restorative yoga class. At the time, I didn’t realize the power of such practice. Throughout the class, Hélène provides you the keys to reconnect with your inner self, with very subtle breathing exercises, guided relaxation, and comfortable poses. Her soothing voice, and the power of her words truly take over you, and you realize at the end the extent to which you have navigated between your mind, body, and soul. That session translated for me into a deep emotional release. Hélène made me feel safe, allowing me to release all the emotions that I so desperately needed to externalize.” —Carla B.

Private Yoga


Private yoga sessions are beneficial for beginners new to yoga, regular practitioners desiring to deepen their practice, or those recovering from an injury or illness. 

Hélène is respectful, patient, and an excellent teacher. She knows when to challenge, as well as when to encourage to find ease in the practice. I have recommended her to many friends and they became enthusiasts, too!” —Florence B.

Corporate Yoga


Corporate yoga sessions are tailored to aid in building up team-oriented, health-conscious, and more focused employees to any company or community.

“In my experience few teachers have the skill, anatomical knowledge, and patience to encourage such steady progress as Hélène demonstrates. She cares about every single student with a sense of safety but her attention to creating community is a wonderful warm bonus.” —Rama R.